New Ink Conversion for TrueVIS VG-640/540 and SG-540/300 Users

Three Important Notes on the Upgrade

  1. Be sure to note the following issues when changing from TR/TE ink to TR2/TE2 ink.
    • Output results with TR2/TE2 ink will be different from that with TR/TE ink.
    • TR/TE ink and TR2/TE2 ink cannot be used together. Ink combination cannot be changed. Only the same ink combination you are currently using is supported.
      SG Series: CMYK
    • The printing speed of VG/SG series combined with new TR2/TE2 ink is changed.
  2. Various previous data settings on the RIP will need to be updated to meet the requirements of the upgraded VG-640/540 and SG-540/300. The settings from before the upgrade cannot be used because they do not support TR2/TE2 ink.
  3. Be sure to prepare new TR2/TE2 ink (a full ink set), Cleaning Liquid Pouch for TR2 ink (1 set), and Manual Cleaning Liquid for TR2 ink (1 bottle) before upgrading. Unless you have these items readily available nearby, you will not be able to complete the upgrade.

Upgrade procedure

  1. STEP 1Prepare the items required for the upgrade.

  2. STEP 2Perform a printing test and check the condition of print heads.

  3. STEP 3Install the specified firmware and replace the ink.

  4. STEP 4Upgrade the RIP to the latest version of VersaWorks 6.