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The Hikari no Mi light-based installation in Zou-no-hana Park in Yokohama Port (Photo: Mito Murakami)

Smiling Faces Made with UV Printers Light up a Japanese Park

In autumn, Zou-no-hana Park in Yokohama Port, Japan, was illuminated by the Hikari no Mi (Shining Smile Fruit) light-based installation that featured trees adorned with smiling faces drawn by children. Visitors normally take part in person during the annual event to create drawings. Since this was difficult to achieve this year, however, the event took on a new online approach, where Roland DG's UV printers were utilized for the event.

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Custom Amabie-themed key chains made with Roland DG’s UV printers

Using UV Printers to Make Customized “Amabie” Accessories for Repelling the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, a mythical Japanese spirit called “Amabie” has become a popular character in Japan. Reputed to ward off sickness and viruses, images of Amabie have been shared widely on Twitter and other social media platforms — you may have already seen them! According to legend, Amabie comes from Kumamoto in southern Japan which is also where a Roland DG customer became one of the first to launch a service for creating custom Amabie-themed key chains using UV printers, making it a great way to boost the #AMABIEchallenge.

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