Commercial Printing

Roland DG Products for Commercial Printing

For commercial printers, getting into digital print is simple; and represents huge profit-making potential. You already have a customer base that is likely to be buying wide format digital print elsewhere and you already understand the print process - so what’s stopping you from making the leap?

Retain customer loyalty and win new business

Wide format represents a superb cross-selling opportunity as every one of your existing customers is a potential source of business. With the impressive range of applications possible, you’ll soon attract new customers who need other types of print too.

Incorporating wide format production into your existing workflow is simple. For customers in industries where colour accuracy is crucial to their brand, you can ensure colour consistency across all of your output devices by making use of the Roland Color Library, plus the Pantone colour library included with VersaWorks 6.


Control production costs, turnaround time, and quality

Instead of sub-contracting your wide format work and having to rely on others, or simply turning a job away, you’ll be able to keep control of your costs, time and the quality of output.

Applying your skills to the wide format market will enable you to produce a huge variety of profitable, durable and quality output for outdoor and indoor use.

Make high-margin short runs profitable

Set up costs and time are fixed no matter what amount of items you are producing, so you no longer have to turn away those higher margin short runs and bespoke jobs.

Using Roland DG’s variable data printing technology, you can deliver duplicates and short-run bespoke jobs such as posters and banners quickly and cost-efficiently. Produce one master template file and quickly amend variable details such as photos, logos, addresses, telephone numbers and dates.