Product Design

Roland Products for Product Design

Roland DG’s digital desktop fabrication technology offers industrial engineers, mechanical engineers and product designers dependability, consistency and versatility.

Depending on your required results, there are several technologies you can make use of at each stage of the design process.

From vinyl cutting or 3D modelling to 3D printing, whatever your model making and prototyping needs, Roland DG has the tools to turn your designs into reality.

The Benefits of choosing Digital

Save time and money by bringing your model making and prototype production in house. Reduced development time and testing stages will increase your speed to market and bring down your upfront investment costs.

Unleash your creativity by allowing your team to focus on design experimentation and testing your innovative concepts in the real world. Confidentiality is always key in product design, so bring your production in-house and safeguard your ideas.

Subtractive & Additive Technology for the results you want

Roland DG offers both subtractive and additive technologies, so whatever your needs, you can be assured of the most efficient solution. Combine the two technologies according to your material and application of choice, or choose whichever one best suits your working style.


Even in the test stage, it's crucial to deliver results that accurately replicate the final output, both in shape and intricacy. Our MDX and monoFab SRM series of milling machines are designed to deliver superb accuracy; ideal for developing functional, mechanical, assembly and production models.

The monoFab ARM-10 3D printer enables you to create complex shapes easily with minimal resin consumption, preserving a high level of detail and creating accurate real-life representations.

Material versatility and smooth surface finishes

The design stage of any project bases its success on testing different kinds of materials to achieve the desired finished result. Choose from a huge range of materials including woods, plastics and metals. Your experimental prototypes can be made from materials with the same properties as the final production run; and thanks to mechanical precision, you can get extremely smooth surfaces for your appearance models, reducing post processing to an absolute minimum.

Compact and Easy To Use

Roland DG’s model making technology is compactly designed for desktop operation, suitable and safe for both workshop and office environments.

Powered by feature-rich yet straightforward CAM software, you’ll be able to transform a great concept into an accurate 3D prototype with virtually no additional training. It really is easy to use model making technology to prove your designs can be real-world achievable.