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Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3 Features

Ergosoft image nesting
Ergosoft image nesting

A Powerful New RIP Engine to Drive Production

Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3 features an Aurelon PDF engine for faster RIP times and image processing combined with powerful production and color management tools that allow users to preview multiple PDF files.

Intuitive User Interface for a Smoother, More Efficient Workflow

Access icons categorized by the major functions of JobComposer, Queues, QueueManager and HotFolder are now placed together in a new ControlCenter, giving users quick and easy access to the specific screens they wish to use. The size of dialog boxes which contain a list of information such as swatch libraries and registered printers list can be changed for better visibility. The new UI also allows users to customize job windows for better overview and job management.

  • ControlCenter

    New ControlCenter provides quick access to main functions

  • QueueManager

    New QueueManager allows customization of workspaces

Quickly Reproduce Desired Colors

Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3 enhances search capability, such as finding the closest color within the color list of SwatchBooks including PANTONE® libraries by entering a Lab color value. Delta E predictions are also shown in the color list of SwatchBooks. When actual printed colors differ from the expected spot color, a new Patch Generation function automatically generates colors closest to the spot color. Users can then select their desired color from the printed alternatives to more quickly achieve the results they were expecting.

  • spot color search function

    Enhanced spot color search function

  • Patch data

    Automatically generate patch data for determining colors closest to a swatch color

Automatic Spot Color

Automatic Spot Color Replacement

Now you can automatically replace spot colors in an image using SwatchBooks in Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3. This funciton eliminates the hassle of replacing spot colors one by one and resulting errors caused by manual effort.
Automatic Spot Color
Job Preset
Job Preset

Regular Jobs Made Faster and More Accurate

A JobPreset is newly added, allowing users to define various job parameters to specific customer requirements and print environments for recurring jobs.

Minimizing Color Differences in Multiple Printers Environments

A Target Printer Simulation function is newly developed to help produce the same colors when using multiple printers with different types of ink or printing modes. Applying the target printer profile and rendering intent to print data can help minimize any color differences. To reproduce the same colors, a new SwatchMatcher Function generates a spot color library based on measurements of spot colors from other printers.

Multiple RIP Servers

Instead of one RIP server per license, users are able to RIP up to eight jobs simultaneously.

Unlimited Hot Folders

Hot folders are a quick and easy way to automate the printing process by saving pre-flight results in a hot folder for access anytime. This new feature allows users to create unlimited hot folders for increased production efficiency and consistency.

Keep PC Disk Space Optimized

A new SystemGuard function backs up various data used for printing. Users can also specify which data files are unnecessary in advance, and those files are deleted automatically. This keeps the PC disk space constantly optimized for a more stress-free print workflow.

  • SystemGuard back up
  • SystemGuard setting