Beautifully Functional Parts & Prototypes

Rapid Prototyping with Milling and 3D Printer Technology

Roland DG provides a selection of 3D printer technology and milling machines that are perfect for rapid prototyping. CNC mills support a variety of materials – including ABS, nylon, wood, non-ferrous metals, chemical woods, styrene and more – while delivering a smooth surface finish, tight tolerances and a low cost of ownership. 3D printer technology from Roland DG prints photopolymer resins for creating smaller, complex prototypes that would typically require deep undercuts.

The following items are just some of the rapid prototyping applications that are possible with Roland DG technology.

metal prototype
metal prototype

Metal Parts and Prototypes

Roland DG CNC milling devices enable precision production of prototypes from aluminum, aluminum alloys, brass, zinc, tin and many more non-ferrous metals. Create snap-fit parts, models, tools, electronic parts, product designs and proof-of-concepts for thermal and structural trials.
rapid wooden prototypes

Wooden Prototypes

With high-precision Roland DG CNC milling technology, you can mill complicated wooden shapes and sculptural forms out of virtually any wood. Perfect for making industrial prototypes, Roland DG milling machines are also ideal for artistic applications, custom décor items, and limited edition toys and models.
rapid wooden prototypes
rapid plastic prototypes

Plastic Prototypes

Acrylic, acetal, nylon and ABS are quickly and easily milled with Roland DG desktop and benchtop milling machines. Mill precision fan parts, gears, bearing blocks, tools and thousands more items for accurate proof of concepts. With hundreds of plastics to choose from, you can create limited edition toys, product prototypes, industrial prototypes, electrical parts and casings, models and so much more.
Rapid prototyping circuit boards

Circuit Boards

Copper clad, punchboard and other circuit board material can be easily milled with Roland DG CNC milling technology. Perfect for FabLab production and educational purposes, Roland DG’s compact milling machines provide a quick, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.
Rapid prototyping circuit boards
casts for parts and prototypes

Casts for Parts and Prototypes

For creating multiple parts and short run prototypes, Roland DG milling technology enables the casting of wax, plastic and metal for models, industrial parts, special edition toys, jewelry making, snap fit parts, and more.
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