Comprehensive Customer Support and Resources to Inspire the Imagination

The Roland DG support system provides a solid foundation of assistance to give customers the confidence to achieve a high level of performance regardless of their skill level or expertise.

Support system

Roland DG provides extensive service and support throughout the customer’s business cycle

Support system
  • Inspiring the Imagination

    Creative Center is a richly imaginative and stimulating showcase of application samples created using our devices to inspire visitors' imaginations and their desire to experience the potential of our products

  • Practical Intelligence

    Seminars to provide customers with the latest market information and user events to exchange best practices and new business ideas with other participants

  • Workshops

    Hands-on workshops and product trial sessions to demonstrate the commercial benefits of our products and applications

  • Pre-Purchase Support

    Assists customers in finding the optimal equipment to meet their needs and satisfy any pre-purchase concerns including estimates and financing

  • Installing Machines

  • Academy

    Academy offers hands-on instructions by industry experts, designed to help customers utilize our products and software to their maximum potential, and acquire the skills they need for their business

  • Academy Online

    Academy Online provides online webinars and video tutorials which give our customers the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime about our products and software

  • Maintenance Services

    Our certified service engineers who receive rigorous training on our products make regular visits to customers and provide high-quality maintenance service

  • Latest Information

    Offer the latest information including software and firmware updates to ensure customers are able to achieve the highest and best performance with our products