VersaWorks 6
Seize the Power
Introducing VersaWorks 6

Why Upgrade to VersaWorks 6 RIP Software?

We are pleased to announce that all customers who are using specified Roland DG inkjet printers and printer/cutters can now upgrade to the latest edition of our powerful RIP, VersaWorks 6. In addition to all the previous popular Roland VersaWorks and VersaWorks Dual features that Roland DG users have come to expect, 6 supports 64-bit native processing, an updated user interface for increased visibility and ease of use, a new printer color matching function and much more. Please watch the following short videos to discover the many reasons to upgrade to VersaWorks 6.

  • 64-Bit Native - For More Powerful RIP Processing
    64-bit native
  • Special Effects - Reproduce Accurate Print Results
    Special Effects
  • Enhanced User Interface - With Improved Usability
    Enhanced User Interface
  • Easy Printer Color Matching - For Consistent Colors
    Easy Printer Color Matching
  • 5 Print Queues -  For Even More Efficiency and Productivity
    5 Print Queues
  • Generate a Special Color Layer Directly in the RIP - For a Simple & Efficient Process
    Generate special color Layers Directly in the RIP

Upgrade Your Device

A free upgrade to VersaWorks 6 is available for these models:

  • Eco-Solvent Printers and Printer/Cutters
    • BN-20
    • EJ-640
    • RF-640
    • SG-540/300
    • SP-540i/300i
    • VG-640/540
    • VS-640i/540i/300i
    • XR-640
  • UV Printers and Printer/Cutters
    • LEC-540/330
    • LEF-12/12i
    • LEF-300/200/20
    • LEJ-640
  • Dye-Sublimation Printer
    • RT-640*

      *Those who use "ErgoSoft Roland Edition" are excluded from the upgrade.

Function Comparison at a Glance

VersaWorks 6VersaWorks 6 Roland VersaWorks DualRoland VersaWorks Dual Roland VersaWorksRoland VersaWorks
Harlequin RIP Core Engine Yes Yes
64-Bit Native Yes
Native EPS and PS Processing Yes Yes Yes
Native PDF Processing Yes Yes
PDF 2.0 Support Yesver. 6.1 or above
Easy Printer Color Matching with Multiple Units Yes
5 Print Queues and Hot Folders Yes
Special Color Layer Generation Yes Yes
Predictive Ink Calculator Yes Yes Yes
Built-in PANTONE® Libraries Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Roland Color System Libraries Yes Yes Yes
Variable Data Printing Yes Yes Yes
Step and Repeat Yes Yes Yes
Cut Contour Creation/Editing (Job Assistant)*¹ Yesver. 6.7*² or above
Cut and Print mode Yesver. 6.2 or above
UV Post Curing Yesver. 6.2 or above
True Rich Color Profile Preset Yesver. 6.2 or above
True Rich Color 2 Profile Preset (expanded green color area) Yesver. 6.7 or above
Automatic Job Repeat Yesver. 6.5 or above
Job Duplication/Rename Yesver. 6.1 or above
Crop Marks for VersaUV LEF/LEF2 Series*³ Yesver. 6.5 or above
Xrite Spectrophotometer Driver Yesver. 6.0 or above Yes Yes
Barbieri Spectrophotometer Driver Yesver. 6.0 or above

*¹ Compatible with 64 bit OS only
*² The cut contour creation/editing function (Job Assistant) is not included in the Online Updater distributed from the Roland @ NET server. Be sure to download the installer from the dedicated download site and perform the update. (
*³ Excluding LEF-12/LEF-12i

How to Upgrade

As part of our commitment to provide the absolute best for our customers, we are offering users the opportunity to upgrade their existing compatible devices to the latest powerful VersaWorks 6 RIP software, free of charge.

Easy 2 Steps
  1. Step 1Enter your printer's serial number

  2. Step 2Install VersaWorks 6

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