Helping the visually impaired is a pleasure with Roland DG technology

Tome Brass

Established in 1973 as an engraving company Tome Brass has since diversified to keep ahead of the game and now offers public services such as the production of braille sign boards and maps.

Prior to the purchase of their LEC printer/cutter Tome Brass were using a UV offset printer to create braille signs, but found that the unit price was too high due to the costs involved in producing plates and the small size of production runs. They also found that producing conventional braille sign boards using metal plates could be very cold to the touch and caused the visually impaired some discomfort, especially in the winter.

Having now installed the VersaUV, Tome Brass now uses the machine to produce braille sign boards as well as three-dimensional braille floor maps for installation directly onto walls and building equipment. As a result they have found that their production costs and lead-times have reduced dramatically with the on-demand production process of the VersaUV . As Shoji Takeyama, Representative Executive of Tome Brass, states: "we no longer need to spend time and money producing plates we can now offer a wider range of printing services to customers to meet their budgetary and scheduling requirements."

Summarizing the benefits of the Roland DG VersaUV for his company Shoji Takeyama states: "we chose the Roland DG VersaUV because it offered the right printing width for braille sign boards and can produce braille on-demand, and above all it offered us a complete production solution at a reasonable cost."