Maisha finds true love in life and business - with a little help from Roland DG


Maisha finds true love in life and business - with a little help from Roland DG

Paula María Conejo successfully moved her T-shirt design business, Maisha, from the Canary Islands to north-west Spain. It's a love story, with a little help from Roland DG.


Creative textile design has led Paula María Conejo to a career - and a man - she loves.

Equipped with a background in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design, Paula opened her business, Maisha, in the Canary Islands in 2010, relying on a Roland DG PNC-1200 vinyl cutter to personalize T-shirts with her designs.

"I fell in love with the digital world and realized that I wanted my career to revolve around it," she says. "I knew other companies that had trusted Roland DG, so the day I decided to buy my first piece of equipment I had total confidence in the brand."


"I love the versatility and precision of our Roland DG cutting equipment. Roland DG systems never cease to amaze me with their exceptional results -they offer us speed, precision, quality and, most importantly, confidence. And, by travelling to see the newest Roland DG innovations, I met the love of my life."

Paula María Conejo - Maisha

As her customer base grew, she upgraded her Roland DG systems to a desktop GS-24 vinyl cutter and a VersaCAMM SP-300i printer/cutter. "This allowed me to develop new work techniques and experiment with materials," she explains. "This is what makes me happy."

Always keen to see the latest technology from Roland DG, in 2016 Paula headed over to FESPA Amsterdam.

"I went to FESPA to learn about new products in the sector and innovations from Roland DG," Paula explains. "Theoretically it was a work trip, but it became a very important trip on a personal level."

It was in Amsterdam that she met Leandro, a Galician entrepreneur who, in just a year, would become Paula's partner and the father of her future son. "He's the love of my life," she says.

To be with Leandro, Paula moved Maisha from the warm climate of the Canary Islands to the rain of Galicia in north-west Spain, and started a new project, both personal and professional.

Maisha provides design, textile printing and personalization services to customers in Bueu, Pontevedra, in particular exclusive collections of shirts, sweatshirts and accessories with Paula's own designs. During the summer, the shop sells Galician souvenirs to happy tourists, and Maisha has even produced large-scale work; Balinese flags up to 5 meters long are one notable project.

"The equipment has never stopped us completing jobs on that scale," says Paula. "I am in love with the versatility of our cutting plotter and the precision of its blades. Roland DG systems never cease to amaze me with their exceptional results. They offer us speed, precision, quality and, most importantly, confidence."

Paula's confidence in Roland DG has helped her dreams come true, in work, life and love.

Paula, how do you rate Roland DG?

  • Build quality ★★★★★
  • Reliability ★★★★★
  • Versatility ★★★★★
  • Productivity ★★★★★
  • Ease of use ★★★★★
  • Output Quality ★★★★★
  • Running Costs ★★★★★
  • Value for money ★★★★★
  • Service and support ★★★★★
  • Overall ★★★★★

Paula's Fun Facts

  1. How would you describe yourself in three words?

    Retailer, manic and precise.

  2. What's the best advice you've ever received?

    Try to be realistic in terms of our abilities to offer the best of ourselves, while still dreaming.

  3. What's your favorite social media platform?

    Facebook, although I'm starting to introduce myself more in Instagram. It's another way to connect with the public which is different, and in my opinion a little more universal.

  4. In your free time you enjoy…

    I like to take advantage of free time to develop new designs.

  5. What don't people know about you?

    I usually get bored with my designs quite easily. I am still learning to give the value my work deserves. I like to work with my partner and my best hairy friend - that is, my pet!

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