VersaUV LEC Series printer cutters
Print, Varnish, Emboss, Crease, Contour Cut
With One Device

VersaUV LEC Series UV Printer/Cutters Features

VersaUV LEC Series color

Feel the colour.

One of the most powerful features of the VersaUV is the ability to use ECO-UV Gloss ink to create a wide range of special effects, from matt or gloss finishes to stunning spot treatments. By laying down multiple layers of Gloss, and automatically repositioning the UV lamps, the LEC allows you to simulate embossing as well as create truly unique custom-textured effects from water droplets to faux leather to crocodile skin...even Braille.
VersaUV LEC Series

Integrated printing and contour cutting.

The LEC series streamlines the production process by automatically contour cutting printed graphics, saving valuable time and effort. The LEC can contour cut through the top layer of lined media or create a perforated cut on non-lined media such as card stock. By switching out the cutting tool, the LEC can also crease your media for easy, accurate folding.
LEC UV Ink Colours
LEC UV Ink Colours

Advanced ECO-UV Inks

Instant drying and flexible, ECO-UV ink delivers high density and a wide colour gamut. ECO-UV formulation produces prints that require no degassing and can be stretched around curved surfaces and edges without cracking

Choose from three ink configurations


For indoor graphics, ECO-UV inks offer superior scratch and chemical resistance. Outdoors, ECO-UV inks last up to six months without coating (both formulations), and up to two years when Clear Coat is applied as a finish (ECO-UV only).

ECO-UV inks are packaged in no-mess 500ml cartridges and safe after curing. Proper ventilation is required. The LEC series is ventilation-ready, featuring a ventilation hood for easy connection with an air filtration system.


ink circulation

Efficient ink usage.

The VersaUV's Automated Ink Circulation System prevents pigments from settling in the ink lines for consistent density and reduced white and clear ink waste. The circulation system dramatically lowers running costs while ensuring exceptional image quality throughout the longest production runs.
ink circulation
Roland Intelligent Pass Control
Roland Intelligent Pass Control

Roland Intelligent Pass Control

Across a wide variety of applications and media, Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology delivers outstanding image quality in all print modes while eliminating virtually any signs of banding. This patent-pending system ensures that graphics look great when viewed indoors or outdoors, up close and at a distance.
VersaUV LEC Series

Production print speeds

The LEC-540 features UV LED lamps to expedite production. Equipped with six high-precision print heads, the LEC-540 delivers a maximum print speed of 11.7 sqm/hr. in High Speed mode. The LEC-330 prints up to 4.7 sqm/hr. Each print mode has been meticulously fine-tuned for the head configuration to deliver optimised performance and superior print quality.
VersaWorks 6

New VersaWorks 6 Included

Get ready for a new era in digital printing. With a Harlequin RIP core engine, advanced features and easy-to-use capabilities that make VersaWorks 6 the most powerful RIP software ever.

With VersaWorks 6, you can maximize the power of your printer or printer/cutter with the latest printing environment.

  • 64-bit native for more powerful RIP processing
  • Native PDF processing, including files with transparencies
  • New Printer Color Matching for consistent color with multiple units
  • Built-in Pantone® and Roland spot color libraries
  • 5 print queues and hot folders for increased efficiency and productivity
VersaWorks 6
VersaUV LEC Series advanced take-up system

Advanced media take-up system

The LEC series includes an automated media take-up system to facilitate precision unattended printing and cutting. This pre-assembled unit includes an advanced tension-controlled take-up system for optimum media feed and tracking.
ethernet cable

Ethernet connectivity

Roland DG understands that busy shops need to maximize the layout of their workstations and printing equipment. High-speed Ethernet network connectivity is built-in standard to the LEC series, so it can quickly process gigabytes worth of image data for everyone in your shop.
ethernet cable

Roland OnSupport online production assistance

Roland OnSupport online customer support system allows users to remotely track the status of LEC activities. The system sends e-mails to users notifying them of important information such as when a job is completed and when ink is running low. With Roland OnSupport, users can also quickly download firmware updates and important product information by accessing an exclusive website with just one mouse click.

Superior Reliability and Support

The LEC series represents the most reliable technology backed by unmatched customer service and technical support.

Roland DG's international ISO certifications are your assurance of our commitment to quality products and service.

For more details about warranty, please contact our dealers.