VersaUV LEC Series UV Printer/Cutters
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VersaUV LEC Series Accessories


Model Description
 EUV-CY  Multi-application ECO-UV INK Cyan, 220cc
 EUV-MG  Multi-application ECO-UV INK Magenta, 220cc
 EUV-YE  Multi-application ECO-UV INK Yellow, 220cc
 EUV-BK  Multi-application ECO-UV INK Black, 220cc
 EUV-WH  Multi-application ECO-UV INK White, 220cc
 EUV-GL  Multi-application ECO-UV INK Gloss, 220cc
 EUV4-CY  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Cyan, 220cc
 EUV4-MG  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Magenta, 220cc
 EUV4-YE  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Yellow, 220cc
 EUV4-BK  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Black, 220cc
 EUV4-WH  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK White, 220cc
 EUV4-GL  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Gloss, 220cc
 EUV4-5CY  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Cyan, 500cc
 EUV4-5MG  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Magenta, 500cc
 EUV4-5YE  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Yellow, 500cc
 EUV4-5BK  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Black, 500cc
 EUV4-5GL  Multi-application ECO-UV4 INK Gloss, 500cc
 EUVS-CY  Stretchable ECO-UV S INK Cyan, 220cc
 EUVS-MG  Stretchable ECO-UV S INK Magenta, 220cc
 EUVS-YE  Stretchable ECO-UV S INK Yellow, 220cc
 EUVS-BK  Stretchable ECO-UV S INK Black, 220cc
 EUVS-WH  Stretchable ECO-UV S INK White, 220cc
 ZEC-U5025  Cemented carbide blade for vinyl, fluorescent and reflective film, offset value 0.25 mm, 5 pcs
 ZEC-U5022  Cemented carbide blade for vinyl film, offset value 0.25 mm, 2 pcs
 ZEC-U3050  Cemented carbide blade for thick material and sandblast stencil, offset value 0.50 mm, 5 pcs (XD-CH4 Only)*
 XD-CH2  Adjustable depth blade holder, Alloy tip
 SL-CL used with UV  Cleaning liquid cartridge, 220cc, 1pc
 XD-CT  Crease tool, 1pc

 *LEC maximum cutting force is 300g