DWX-4 compact dental mill

DWX-4 Dental Milling System Applications

Roland DG’s DWX series high precision dental mills are capable of producing a variety of dental restorations from a wide range of materials. The DWX-4 features 4-axis simultaneous milling and a two-station automatic tool changer for unattended milling of standard blocks and pin-type materials. An optional four-position automatic tool changer supports up to four tools of varying sizes while the optional multi-pin clamp allows you to mill up to four different pin-type materials simultaneously.



  • Zirconia
  • Wax
  • PMMA
  • Composite resin


For permanent restorations that completely cover a tooth or dental implant, strength, margins and aesthetics are key considerations. With four-axis simultaneous milling and a two or four-station automatic tool changer, the DWX-4 can mill a single crown in approximately 20 minutes from zirconia, wax or PMMA. You can also mill precision crowns from newer ceramic materials that don’t require sintering, such as VITA ENAMIC composite resin.


Coping refers to that part of a crown that covers the prepared tooth and can be easily milled by the DWX-4 from wax for casting, or from a thin ceramic material to which porcelain is applied.


The DWX-4 can mill small bridges from wax, PMMA or zirconia.


An abutment is a structure that supports a bridge or partial denture. The DWX-4 is capable of milling a variety of abutments including hybrid, screw, glue-based, etc., from a variety of restorative materials.

Inlays and Onlays

Indirect inlays (intracoronal fillings) and Onlays (cusp fillings) can be milled from wax for casting metal, zirconia or composite resins. With its optional 4-station automatic tool changer, the DWX-4 provides the ability to produce the required sharp angles from small tools.


A Pontic is that part of a fixed bridge that is suspended between abutments and replaces a missing tooth. Four-axis simultaneous milling and the optional 4-station tool changer allow  the DWX-4  to perform the precision undercuts required.


The DWX-4 quickly mills gradient temporary crowns and small bridges from PMMA that are designed to maintain aesthetics, stability and function while a permanent prosthesis is manufactured.