MotoGP™ and Roland DG: a winning team for more than 12 years


MotoGP™ has used Roland DG technology for more than twelve years, and continues to rely on its cutting-edge technology to create all the necessary signage and graphics for each race– from adding branding and decoration to the winners' podium, to placing ads along the track and customising the pressroom.

MotoGP™ is the most popular racing event in the world, bringing together the leading motorbike manufacturers, the greatest racers and cutting-edge technology. Roland DG became MotoGP™’s Service Provider in 2005, and since then its digital printing devices have been working at maximum speed to produce all of the graphics for each championship event.

Thanks to Roland DG's role as official provider, both championship organisers and sponsors have the flexibility to produce long runs of adverts at the very last minute – with astonishing quality and amazing colours.

To achieve flawless results on any material, MotoGP™ counts on two TrueVIS VG-540 printer / cutters and three SOLJET EJ-640 printers to produce the graphics they need in record time.
“We need to turnaround print projects really quickly and with very short notice” comments Jordi Puig, Production Manager. "We go from quiet times with low production, to periods of high productivity when we require the printers to run non-stop for more than twelve hours at a time."

"It’s essential for us to have printing devices which are ready to print at all times.”

With races taking place all over the world, graphics teams travel to produce prints for each event. If a sponsors’ ad is damaged, perhaps due to an accident during the race, it must be reprinted immediately to ensure it is visible to both live spectators and fans watching at home; viewers from more than 200 countries follow the competition. Print quality and colour matching is also vital for the image of the sponsors, which Roland’s devices guarantee.

Thanks to the reliability of the SOLJET printers and TrueVIS printer/cutters, every second of production results in a great finish. In the signage business, just as in the race, speed is the key factor that makes the difference. Strict timings do not allow for mistakes: the smallest delay can be the difference between standing on the podium among the winners, and going home empty-handed.