Mission Motorsport drive the way with Roland DG Corporation

Mission Motorsport

Mission Motorsport was approached by Jaguar to undertake a mammoth project. The task led the company to Roland DG's VersaCAMM and TrueVIS Series.

Since 2012, Mission Motorsport has aided in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations; providing new and existing skills through motorsport. Including the opportunity to compete as part of a team in competitions. Former military personnel work on motorcar mechanical competencies, creative design and logistics to build confidence and help in their future careers.

The organization's professional relationship with company sponsor, Roland DG, has now stepped up a gear following an exciting partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. As the driving force behind Jaguar Land Rover's (JLR) Wounded, Injured and Sick Servicemen and Women Placement Program, Mission Motorsport's hugely successful initiative has seen a total of 34 former military personnel partake in work placements across various areas of the business and their suppliers.

Mission Motorsport was first approached by Jaguar to partake in a promotional partnership in 2015. The opportunity would see the company confidentially design and wrap five of its newest release sports cars; the F-PACE. The Worcester-based company was tasked with the ambitious role of printing, producing and applying five complex and unique designs over the course of five months.

Roland DG partnered with Mission Motorsport by loaning the company a Roland DG SP-540i from the VersaCAMM SP-i series of printers and cutters, followed by a TrueVIS SG-540. The powerful print and cut machines deliver quality images, cut intricate designs and, most importantly, are easy to use for the team who were previously unfamiliar with such elaborate design work. Thrilled with the generosity of Roland DG, the Mission Motorpoint team were able to get the ball rolling with their designs.

The project began in 2016, with each of the five monthly projects commanding a new and innovative theme, as well as the subsequent livery design. The Roland DG SP-540i provided a complete production solution to enable the team to design and execute original and complex print designs within the tight monthly timeframe.

The digital printers are functional, powerful and engineered to deliver optimum execution thanks to its integrated precision contour cutting; an important factor when working with a luxury, global brand that demands professional quality every time. The versatility of the SP-540i and the SG-540 have allowed the team to be adventurous and flexible with their designs, safe in the knowledge that quality would not be compromised. Initially using Roland DG's ECO-SOL MAX Ink, and now TrueVIS ink, Mission Motorsport was able to ensure that its designs were supplemented with vivid and durable colors to guarantee optimum quality.

James Cameron, Founder and CEO of Mission Motorsport commented on the project: "The support Roland DG provided us was completely invaluable. Without the loan of the machine, we would never have been able to produce the cars that we did- the whole project would never have happened.

Having a machine that allowed us to produce and print intricate designs was essential, so there was no doubt that the SP-540i would be perfect for us. Despite the vast capabilities of the machine, we found it was easy and efficient to use and got to grips with the integrated printer and cutter after only the second wrap application. This meant we were able to streamline the manufacturing process to save time and guarantee each project was completed ahead of deadline."

The time-critical project left Mission Motorsport with no room for errors; with each task presenting new challenges in the form of location, temperature and humidity. This meant the team had to think quickly and adapt their processes accordingly to each design and shape. The highly powerful Roland DG machines have enabled the team to work quickly by eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, saving valuable time and effort.

"Working with a renowned brand like Jaguar meant that we faced the big challenge of delivering first-class work on a new machine under great time constraints. Luckily for us we made the right decision to work alongside the integrated Roland DG machine as our print and cuts were both easy to manufacture and of the highest quality possible - making our livery application a much smoother process," James added.

Commenting on the two machines, Livery Manager Chris Read said: "We began work with the SP-540i and were seriously impressed. Since then, Roland DG have generously replaced the machine with an even newer one, the TrueVIS SG-540. Now we're experiencing even faster print times, even better print quality, and better feed systems too. These small tweaks have improved what was already a great user experience.

"We're over the moon with the performance of the technology that Roland DG have generously provided. The machines have been instrumental in Mission Motorsport being able to provide a Vehicle Livery capability, providing valuable training and experiences to both serving personnel and veterans."

The five Roland DG wrapped cars were used for the launch of the Jaguar F-Pace promotions and thus, had to endure a series of robust testing, including extreme weather testing. Thanks to the skilled application of the livery, the cars passed testing in both bitter cold -40oc temperatures in Sweden, and then in the scorching heat of Dubai, with temperatures reaching 50oc.

Following the successful completion of the project to an impressive standard in the summer of 2016, Mission Motorsport has now been commissioned to work alongside Jaguar in the future on new and upcoming vehicle wrapping projects.

"The capabilities of our Roland DG machines enabled us to improvise and amend designs on the spot as and when the client required, as opposed to utilizing a third-party to complete the job where the amends wouldn't be instant. A professional execution was absolutely critical for this project and Roland DG was the perfect partner to assist us in our success."

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