Signs and Lines welcome its second Roland DG machine to cater for successful growth

Signs and Lines   |   Surrey

Headed up by sign professional Mike Andrews, Signs and Lines Limited provides quality signage and a comprehensive sign service to companies across the UK. Upon starting the company in 2006, Mike made the decision to invest in an integrated printer/cutter to drive his business forward. As a new business, Mike wanted the quality assurance and customer care that came with the Roland DG brand, and so he opted to purchase a Roland DG SP-540i from the world-renowned VersaCAMM series of printer/cutters.

Both reliable and economical, the print and cut device was the perfect choice for Mike and his team; whose aim was to develop a varied product range for a diverse market. Offering a complete solution for the business, the VersaCAMM SP-540i was a powerful and compact machine that produced a wide variability of high-quality products.

Commenting on the purchase, Mike said: "The SP-540i was the perfect tool to help grow our newly launched business. The integrated machine was affordable yet powerful enough to produce products suitable for a number of different markets, allowing us to diversify our product range. As well as offering flexible outputs, we could rely on Roland DG technology to consistently produce a high quality finish and so, given the relatively small investment, it wasn't long before we had made our money back."

The SP-540i soon became an indispensable tool for the growing company and following years of focused determination Mike and his team found themselves offering a vast range of products and services to companies of all shapes and sizes. Demand for business increased and Mike soon realized that in order to sustain their level of output without affecting quality or profitability, he needed a more powerful machine with the advanced technology.

Having been won over by his first Roland DG machine's reliability and effectiveness, Mike was intent to remain loyal to the brand that had helped Signs and Lines grow in its early stages. After being recommended the TrueVIS VG Series printer/cutter by local dealer PrintMAX, Mike was instantly sold on Roland DG's latest print and cut offering.

"When I heard about the new TrueVIS range of Roland DG printers, I knew that it would be the perfect machine to deliver the type of premium products our customers had come to expect - and more. The new features were an exciting advancement in print technology and shortly after having the machine installed we were able to offer a sharper service and premium outputs. The improved motor system and increase in speed meant that we were able to offer our clients a much quicker turnaround period, improving both our work processes and company reputation."

The TrueVIS VG series of inkjet printer/cutters come equipped with a new carriage and blade, offering increased downforce and accuracy, meaning Mike and his team could work with a greater variety of materials and offer a wider product range.


Coupled with Roland DG TrueVIS ink, Signs and Lines were able to produce high quality outputs with the unique and premium edge needed to stand out from the competition. Mike added; "When printing with the TrueVIS ink, we could really see the difference in quality. The prints are very glossy, much sharper and can print picture perfect images, including smooth gradients and shading variations."

Commenting on the business growth, Mike said: "Our SP-540i was the ideal machine for us as a new business and allowed us to find our place in the market, however, we needed a machine that would really take us to the next level. Using the TrueVIS VG series, we were able to produce products much more efficiently and productively than ever before, meaning that we were able to take on twice the workload."

"Over the next five years our aim is to continue to offer the best products and services we possibly can; once we've got the best out of the print market, we even look into exploring flatbed printing!"

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